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Congratulations 2017 Rep Coaches!

Posted on: August 20th, 2016 by mkaufman

The coaches for the 2017 season Gator Rep teams are now posted on the Coaches page.  Congratulations on being selected!


Blue wins the 2016 Provincials!

Posted on: August 15th, 2016 by Bantam Blue Manager

Guelph Gators Bantam Blue fought through 5 hard games yesterday to win the coveted gold in the PWSA Provincials, providing them the opportunity to fight for another gold in the Eastern Championships later this month. Blue started off a little shaky Saturday morning squeaking a tough win over Aurora 6-5. Unfortunately with torrential rains, the rest of play was suspended until Sunday. Guelph however didn’t let that dampen their spirits though, coming out strong on Sunday beating Ancaster 11-1, Napanee 12-2, and Kitchener 10-4. These wins brought Blue full circle back to Aurora but this time the girls were fully prepared winning easily 10-0. The toughest game of the day was Blue’s last game against the host team Brampton. Going into the final inning Blue was down by 2 runs but with a few key hits managed to win the game 5-4. Great day ladies – you did yourselves, your parents and your city proud!

Blue comes up big at the qualifiers

Posted on: August 4th, 2016 by Bantam Blue Manager

Bantam Blue fought hard over the weekend in Vaughan to win gold. The weekend started off with a tough battle against a Tavistock team winning 14-8. Next on Blues road to victory was a 10-0 win against the Windsor Wildcats. Unfortunately that was followed up by Blues first loss of the weekend against the host team Vaughan, losing 2-6. However, Blue fought back winning against Aurora 5-1. That last win set Blue up for a gold medal contention, however they needed to go through Vaughan twice to win. The first game was a nail biter with Blue winning in the 8th inning, 8-7.¬† Once Blue felt the gold was in their grasp there was no stopping them, winning the second game comfortably 15-4. Notable highlights for the weekend were Emma’s 4 home run bombs; Cari’s .500 batting average; and lastly the team’s overall batting average of .382!!! Well done Gators – a well deserved win!